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ACT/SAT Preparation

After taking our ACT Prep Class, one of our students took the ACT for the first time and scored a perfect score - 36!

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We are experts at guiding you to reach your potential on the ACT/SAT tests. We start with analyzing data from a pretest you will take. However, if you have taken the tests previously and have that data available, that will be sufficient to guide our planning to focus on your particular needs.

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The math and English sections require that you know a certain body of information, so for those areas we concentrate on strategy as well as a review of the content. For the science and reading sections, they are much less dependent upon content knowledge but rather require a sufficient reading speed and the use of specific strategies. At our first meeting, we assess your reading speed, and if improvement is needed, we provide free, unlimited access to our software to increase your reading speed. Simply drop by our office any time and work on it for approximately 20-30 minutes at a time, and you will see results!

Each tutoring session lasts for one hour. Typically, students need one to two sessions per subject area, so the average preparation for these all-important tests is eight sessions. However, this varies greatly since if a student is very strong in a particular area, there may be little review for the student to do for that subject, and that will reduce the overall preparation needed.

Sugarcreek Educational Concepts offers a five-part series to prepare students for taking the ACT. The classes will be offered at both the Bellbrook and Springboro locations. A student can also take only certain subject areas if they prefer. Please check our News & Updates page for more information and pricing.

We recommend that students schedule individual appointments roughly 2 months before they plan to take the ACT/SAT.

"On an average, our students have seen a 2-4 point increase with many achieving an even greater increase on their ACT scores."

Please call 937-848-3260 today to set up your times and get started. You will be very happy with your results.

Refunds will not be issued. If a student misses a class, he/she may attend a class at a later date to make up for the missed class.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Please see our News & Updates page for the ACT class schedule.