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Dear Families,

Sugarcreek Educational Concepts is honored to support those families with learners who have dyslexia. Dyslexia is complex, and we are learning more about it as new research is done each year. Signs of dyslexia can vary widely, and not every learner who exhibits any one or combination of the signs may, indeed, have this condition.

Some signs that a child may be struggling with dyslexia are:

  • Difficulties with reading, writing, and spelling;
  • Difficulties in following a sequence of directions and telling right from left;
  • Ongoing trouble with school work and learning a foreign language;
  • Significant discrepancy between a child's IQ and his/her performance in school.

Often with younger children, these learners are:

  • Late talkers;
  • Have difficulty rhyming words and learning the connection between letters and their sounds;
  • Experience significant challenges with handwriting and fine motor skills.

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We work with each family to how their child's specific needs would benefit from our expert intervention. Amazing results are achieved by applying the Orton-Gillingham Method to meet each learner's needs through a multi-sensory, systematic, sequential methodology.

When we work with a child with dyslexia, we take a multi-pronged approach that includes direct instruction in these areas:

  • Multi-sensory strategies for reading, writing and spelling;
  • Syllabication patterns for encoding/decoding;
  • Reciprocal teaching for reading comprehension;
  • Multi-sensory techniques for sight words;
  • Customized weekly lesson plan that connects learned material with new material;
  • Phonemic awareness

The first step in assisting your child is setting up an assessment with our tutor. Please see News & Updates page for pricing. These results will enable us to determine if your child is a candidate for this program, and the assessment results likewise assist us in establishing a baseline performance level that will be used as a benchmark to track growth. Every lesson is customized to the learner's needs, and progress is continually reported to the learner and his/her parent/guardian.

Please contact Chris Judge at 937-848-3260 or 937-748-8240 for further information and to set up an assessment for your child.