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Our Staff

At Sugarcreek Educational Concepts, our staff believes that we provide the best educational support in the world for your child. All children can and will learn. Failure is never an option. Learning from mistakes is an excellent option.

Christopher J. Judge, President

  • B.S. Degree in Communication with Departmental Honors
  • M.S. in Elementary Education
  • M.S. in Administration and Supervision
  • Student taught 4th grade
  • 8 years as 6th grade teacher
  • Director of Summer Advanced Math Institute for high school students
  • 3 years as middle school Vice Principal
  • 7 years as K-8th grade Principal
  • Academic Coach for Ohio Public Schools
  • Opened Sugarcreek Educational Concepts in 2005
  • Tutors: kindergarten through college subjects as well as preparation for ACT/SAT/ASVAB/GED tests

Jenny Butler

  • Tutors: High school and college biology

Lindsay Musgrove

  • Tutors: Elementary and middle school subjects

Mary Castle

  • Tutors: Elementary and middle school reading and math

Betsy Witt

  • Tutors: Advanced math and advanced science

Jenifer Montgomery

  • Tutors: Middle school and high school math, ACT/SAT prep in math

Karen Coyle

  • Tutors: Grades 4-9, math and language arts

Jonna Chrisman

  • Tutors: K-6 all subjects, reading/Dyslexia specialist

Jennifer Gantz

  • Tutors: K-8 all subjects, reading/math specialist

Deanna Sellers

  • Tutors: K-high school reading/dyslexia

Todd Engel

  • Tutors: High school math, biology, physical science, Earth science, science for standardized testing.

Christine Tieman

  • Tutors: English, reading, and writing all levels including college. Study/organizational skills. Common app and college entrance/scholarship essays. ACT/SAT: English, reading, essay

Mary Jane Haight

  • Tutors: French 1 through 3

Graham Vixie

  • Tutors: Physics, Chemistry, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Pre-Calc, Calc.

Tammy Bacich

  • Tutors: Language arts and math grades 4-9

Lee Dapore

  • Tutors: K-3 reading, K-5 all subjects, ACT English, Reading, and Essay.

Katie Lawrence

  • Tutors: Spanish all levels up to AP Spanish 4

Heather Howell

  • Tutors: Spanish 1, 2, 3. History - US history, world history, geography. English and writing through high school.

Alan Bouchard

  • Tutors: Math up to pre-calculus, all sciences, and physics.

Emily Schaefer

  • Tutors: Preschool to 3rd grade English, reading, and math.

Jacob Evans

  • Tutors: Alg 1 & 2, geometry, physics, chemistry, biology, ACT math and science

Patrick Hardin

  • Tutors: Biology, AP Bio, Honors Bio, Chemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, Physical Science, General Science, Science Intervention.

Jane Nesbit

  • Tutors: Math up to pre-calculus.

Andrea Kucek

  • Tutors: K-8 math, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, science up to Biology, social studies up to U.S. history.

Michael Powers

  • Tutors: Social studies - all levels, Reading/English 1st grade-7th grade

Alec Tumblison

  • Tutors: K-5 all subjects

Jeannine Quigley

  • Tutors: Math up to Algebra 1, language arts up through high school, social studies through US history.

Julie Stringer

  • Tutors: K-8 science, math up to Pre-Algebra, English/reading K-8, social studies K-8.