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Study Skills

With so much to teach in each grade, schools don't often have the time to explicitly teach study skills to the students.

What are study skills?

  • Organizing papers in binder and notebooks!
  • Establishing a productive working place to do homework and study!
  • How to write down assignments for each day and be sure all materials are brought home for each day's homework and studying!
  • How to study for each subject and prepare for the tests and assessments in each subject!
  • How to budget time for completing long-term projects, writing assignments, term papers, and reports! Time management skills!
  • How to work “smarter” and not “harder” in studying- how to remember material, vocabulary, concepts, and skills without memorizing!
  • How to read faster and remember more!
  • How to prepare for major exams like midterms and final exams!
  • How to use the Internet to take excellent practice tests before taking the tests in class!
  • How to write effective essays, research projects, and college essays!
  • How to prepare for state-mandated standardized tests!
  • How to prepare for the entrance exams for private high schools!
  • How to prepare for tests such as the ASVAB (military), GRE (graduate school), and the ACCUPLACER (used by colleges to determine the level of classes to begin)!
  • Executive functioning skills for students with disabilities!

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