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"I began going to Sugarcreek Educational Concepts to receive instruction on weekly basis in the 7th grade. As a senior in high school, it is now apparent how useful the skills I learned from my tutor, Mr. Judge, have been throughout my academic journey. Any time something challenged me during the week I always felt good knowing that together Mr. Judge and I would figure it out at my tutoring session. However, the services provided at SEC go far beyond simply learning concepts not understood in the classroom. Through my time at SEC I learned how to organize myself and my time in a system that I still use today. I am extremely grateful for all that Mr. Judge has done for me, and it has always felt good knowing there was no problem too big that he couldn't help me figure out."

"As problems go, the ACT is about as big as they come. It is one of the most grueling tests I have ever had to prepare for. Luckily with the help of my tutor, Mr. Judge, I could not have felt more prepared. You can take practice tests all you want but that doesn't necessarily make you a smart test taker. Through my ACT training with Mr. Judge I learned many valuable tools that helped me with test time management and allowed me to more effectively break down each question and section on the test to figure out an answer quickly. All in all, I could not have been more satisfied with my ACT preparation."

"As a parent, I am extremely grateful to Mr. Judge at Sugarcreek Educational Concepts. He helped my son, who has ADD, learn how to learn and manage his disability in order to become a successful student. Mr. Judge was able to "speak his language" in ways that I simply could not. He found a way to make the process of learning more understandable and even fun. I credit Mr. Judge with helping my son go from an average student to graduating from high school with honors. THANK YOU MR. JUDGE!"

"I am a senior at Centerville High School. I have been going to Sugarcreek Educational Concepts for almost two years. I will never forget my first appointment with Mr. Judge during the summer before eleventh grade. After my recent but complete vision loss, I was extremely nervous to begin the process of standardized testing. In addition to worrying about the content of such important exams, I also had to think about the logistics of how the information would be presented to me as a blind student. After only a few minutes of speaking with Mr. Judge, I knew that I had come to the perfect person for the job. From his unbridled excitement for learning to his genuine care for my ideas and aspirations, Mr. Judge embraced my goals as if they were his own. He helped strategize how best to navigate braille tests and interact with a reader and scribe while still pushing me to master the content needed for the exam. Giving up was simply not an option, so we spent many sessions refining our approach to find the best fit for me. With the constant support and guidance, I began to see tangible improvement in my academic performance. By the time my ACT date arrived, I had a new-found confidence in my abilities. It was truly a surreal experience to open my portal a few weeks later and discover that I had achieved a perfect score -- an accomplishment that would not have been possible without the creativity and determination that Mr. Judge brought to the table.

After completing standardized testing, Mr. Judge and I moved on to college applications where we discussed the format and style that would best showcase my journey in high school. At the beginning of December, my dreams came true when I was accepted into Stanford University. Words cannot express how grateful I am for my experience with Sugarcreek Educational Concepts and all the time and effort that Mr. Judge has devoted to my education. Mr. Judge has not simply facilitated my academic success. He has taught me to never take no for an answer and approach every situation with an open mind and a smile. I know that no matter where my life takes me, I will always have Mr. Judge's unwavering support, and I am so blessed to be starting this next chapter of my life with the confidence and lessons he has taught me.

"One size definitely doesn't fit all! As a parent, I love the way Chris works to match my kids with a tutor who brings out the best in them. It's rewarding to see your child come away from tutoring feeling competent and encouraged. The tutors are flexible and work to make scheduling easier. We can't always provide the help our kids need and it's a relief to know Sugarcreek Educational Concepts can provide elementary to college level individualized tutoring."

"Before coming to Sugarcreek Educational Concepts, I was a mediocre student. I viewed school, as well as my classes, as more of a chore. By working with Mr. Judge and the tutors here, I went through an immediate transformation. The tutors her inspired and showed me the value in which schooling has to offer. Years later I look back from the position I am in today noting that without the help I received from Sugarcreek Educational Concepts, I wouldn't have been able to succeed nearly as much. From simple math to assisting in the acceptance process of schools the tutors here do it all. I can attest for that as they were instrumental in my process of getting accepted into all of the colleges I've applied to. In total, I would highly recommend Sugarcreek Educational Concepts to anyone."

"Sugarcreek Educational Concepts has the most friendly and helpful teachers I've ever had. They can help students with all kinds of learning problems. The rooms are homey and I like the one on one tutoring in a small environment. The tutors give me confidence in my understanding of the material. Learning to ride a bike is how it feels, first you have help and then you do it alone."

"Learning at Sugarcreek Educational Concepts Tutoring, has been a phenomenal experience for me. Every single staff member there is very welcoming and they make it feel like a second home. The tutors there are also very learned in the topic they teach, and go to whatever lengths necessary to help you. I am so glad I discovered Sugarcreek Educational Concepts Tutoring, and hopefully you will give them a try too!"

"I went to Sugarcreek Educational Concepts for help in math and ACT prep and it has been so helpful! All the tutors are flexible and great at helping you understand harder topics. My math grade this year is a letter grade higher than usual. Also, I got the ACT score I wanted on my first try! I can tell my grades are improving because of the extra help from my tutors."

"The three years my oldest son has been utilizing Sugarcreek Educational Concepts has improved his grades. They work with his learning style & make obtainable goals, encourage positive thinking & self esteem. I cannot say enough good things about the staff. My youngest son just started last month."

"When my children's math levels far surpassed my own, Sugarcreek Educational Concepts helped bridge the gap between what they could get at school and what they needed to succeed. We are always grateful for the convenience and superior tutoring!"

"Mr. Judge and his staff have helped my son excel in academics. I did not think being on the Honor Roll with A's and two B's were possible before we came here. I can't thank Mr. Judge enough for the creative and engaging way that he has captured my son's attention and directed his studies!"

"Sugarcreek Educational Concepts is a great place to take students that want the additional help. Chris utilizes many different techniques depending on the child's learning ability. Also, his center has many additional computer programs to help enhance reading, math, and writing skills. And importantly, my child loves going."

"Going into the ACT Test Prep Course, I though it would just be hours of grueling work. Instead, Mr. Judge made learning the tips, tricks, and material extremely easy and relaxed. I feel confident that I will score higher when I take the ACT again!"

"We highly recommend Sugarcreek Educational Concepts as a first class tutoring service. Our child and many of our friends have seen their kids go from being frustrated and upset to excelling to the top of the class! It is such a relief when you see your son/daughter feel good about their school work, and gain the confidence to do the work. My son went from being far behind to needing no help at all when he reached high school. Thank you to Sugarcreek Educational Concepts!"

"You provide an excellent service, and are more than anyone could ever hope for when looking for a tutor. I have recommended you to numerous people, who I know in turn did the same. I cannot say enough about how great of a job you do!"